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Customer Reviews

Helped me an incredible amount. Was patient, knowledgable, and explained everything very well.

By Chris McAninch

Great coach really nice, Helped a lot.

By Thomas Westwood

Fun Coach to play with :)

By Michael Froedge

Teacher used many different techniques and approaches to help me improve, was overall very nice and kind as well.

By Miles Joiner

Was very knowledgeable of the game and had a lot to teach me! Helped me expand my champion pool significantly in a short period of time

By Tre Barreto

Great experience!

By Nick Diaz

very pleasant person and insightful person to work with.

By Sean Lavery

Amazing help :)

By stephen fernandes

Very helpful. Helped me have almost the most fun I have ever had playing the game and helped me improve not only on the two champions we worked on, but in my overall game knowledge as well. 10/10 would recommend him as a coach.

By Chris McAninch

Great intro lesson to the top lane for a beginner!

By John Sy

Awsome can't say more

By Quentin Avizou

Was very helpful, answered all questions, and even went over the hour time limit just to help me understand things!

By Miles Joiner

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