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Very good coach, helped me improve a lot. Very knowledgeable and friendly, highly recomended.

By Ethan Peiffer

Went over so many things, learned stuff about my main role even though we never touched it, Extremely knowledgeable about the game. Much Worth, Much Knowledge, Such Awesome.

By Kaleb Boudreaux

Great coach! He communicates ideas and knowledge very effectively. His coaching style can be adapted based on what you want to learn. I recommend him to all skill levels!

By Joshua Harrison

If you have ANY questions about jungling or if you would like to learn more about jungling then Aleksey is the coach for you. I am very pleased with the results from his coaching

By Carl Brown

Well worth it! Covered so many things that I never even thought about on my own and was extremely good at explaining everything. .

By Andrew Preussler

Really good understanding of the game gives me all i wanted/needed to know about the game which helped me to improve.

By Jack Duan

This guy is the one that's going to get me to high elo. His coaching rocks and I've become a much better player. Thanks again bro.

By Anthony Mattei

Very knowledgeable coach, learn a lot in just 1 hour. highly recommended.

By Tommy Xu


By Michael Cassella

We went over my runes and masteries, and changed a lot of things. He helped me figure out what I needed to change with my jungling and other laining. Aleksey was great!

By Mitchell Offe

Super helpful coaching session. He identified mistakes and showed me how a game I thought was impossible to win, was actually winnable. Great advice and techniques. Thank you so much man.

By Anthony Mattei

Very helpful. Quickly identified key issues in my game play. Highlighted the reasoning behind any point he made - allowed me to see things differently. Very highly recommended!

By Tom Chaplin

Great and fun person to do coaching with and I learned a lot.

By Philip Conde

amazing job, got me from silver 2 to gold 4 in a week!

By timothy brooks

10/10 very friendly, and pointed out everything wrong with my plays, I haven't tried out any of his tactics, but I can feel that Im going to be doing a lot better :D

By Dustin Muckosky

learned quite a bit about some champions and skill orders i was doing slightly off, even tho the game i qued up for had a terrible overall game and the hwole other team was fed, learned a lot. Will get more lessons in later

By Seth Reese

Thanks again for the awesome coaching bro, will be back for more. :)

By Anthony Mattei

Best coach I've ever had. This guy is meticulous with giving his students the best possible coaching. He goes extremely in-depth, highlights mistakes and shows what you could of done to win, and much, much more. Diamond and Challenger here I come. Again, amazing coach.

By Anthony Mattei

I'm really starting to improve now because of this guy- he's awesome. His coaching is super effective and I'll certainly be back for more. Thanks again bud.

By Anthony Mattei

I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their jungle skills to have Aleksey coach them. He goes through everything you need to know, from runes and masteries to going over replays, and goes over each part of the game in-depth and points out what you do right, wrong, and what you could improve on. I've improved as a jungler immensely with just 3 hours of coaching from Aleksey, and would highly recommend him to anyone!

By James Curbow

Thanks so much man, great coaching and a solid game review. These sessions are really helping me out tremendously. I appreciate it.

By Anthony Mattei

Carefully analyzed my jungle game and showed me what I did wrong. Super helpful session and always a great coach. Thank you so much man, much appreciated.

By Anthony Mattei

As im doing the main fiddle right now, aleksey give me some extra tips beside his guide, and the real thing made me think this is worth because after i comment on the guide wanted some extra info about jungle, he actually did it right next day. really responsible and helpful coach. We did the review of one of my match and shared some tips in his match experience.

By Murtagh David

god is a god, no other comments

By Yizhang Hu

Very friendly and knowledgeable, Definitely one I would recommend.

By Alexandra Russell

Taught me a ton about rotations and map control to finish games and get to the next level of play!

By Michael Froedge

great guy taught me everything i need to know in order to compete at the highest lvl :)

By Christopher Perez-Uribe

Thanks again man, you're really helping me with my jungle game. I appreciate it so much. As I've said before, he is the best coach on lolking hands down.

By Anthony Mattei

so good teaching me everything I need to know on Fiddle and the Jungle rotation

By Christopher Perez-Uribe

This guy is the best. Aleksey you own at everything. Thanks for the awesome coaching.

By Anthony Mattei

Very nice and understanding coach, he got a great general understanding of the game.

By Pascal Holscher

very good and friendly, knowledgable

By Michael Smith Jr

Didn't beat around the bush. When something was bad, it was BAD. I was looking for my play to be broken down and destroyed and that's what I got. Super helpful and knowledgeable!

By Tony Oliva

Great coach. Friendly, easy to talk to and is very informative. Recommended to anyone!

By Joe Caravela

Appointments will generally need to be made a few days in advance.

About me: 

     Hello, my name is Aleksey. I started playing League at the start of Season 2. I ended the season in gold and was your average player. I didn't really get serious about league until Season 3. When I actually started playing to improve, I went from gold to Challenger within a few months. There is absolutely no reason you can't do the same.

 I live in Orlando and have a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Central Florida. Although I plan on continuing my studies in Graduate School, I am currently using my knowledge to help you improve as a player. The majority of my coursework focused on two areas, all of which allow me to help you reach your full potential as a player... 

Statistical Analysis and Research Methodology: I am an amazing theorycrafter. I constantly look for the best ways to do things in order to give you every advantage possible. League is my passion and, consequently, I am able to apply my educational background to efficiently learn everything there is to know about this game. 

Training: I am able to properly determine your training needs, then customize and administer a program best fit to help you improve.


I have fairly open availability and will try my best to work around a time that is convenient for you; However, if you are unable to meet at the agreed upon day or time, it's up to you to reschedule at a time that works for you.

I've been coaching for over a year and have lots of experience. I will give you the tools to improve as a player and identify areas of weakness in your play. Although I have spent most of my time within the top 300 players on the ladder, I've played at all elos and will teach you how to carry yourself to the top. Everybody has something to learn and even if you're a Diamond player, I have something to offer you and will tailor our lessons around your needs.

My objective:

My main focus is helping you harness your potential and become a better player.

Initially, we will work on expanding your game knowledge, complementing what you already know to give you all the tools necessary to succeed. We will identify problem-areas in your gameplay and work to eliminate them with a coaching program tailored to your individual needs.

Lessons will be a mix of two factors, depending on where you need improvement.

1. Theory 

  • Runes and Masteries
  • Team composition and synergy
  • Laning (positioning, trading, lane control)
  • Jungling (Reading a lane, how/when to gank, synergy with laners)
  • Your role in a team
  • Properly utilizing your champion(items, skill order, positioning, play style)
  • Rotation/Pressuring map(when and how to do it)
  • Objective control

 If you would like theory-based coaching in regards to a specific champion and would like to learn how to play that champion to their fullest potential, I suggest purchasing one of my guides. My guides go much more in-depth than we possibly could within or two hours. I put vast amounts of research, theorycrafting, and practice into all my guides to make sure the content I deliver to you is excellent and as thorough as possible. 

However, if you feel like you have a solid understanding of the champions but are still struggling, there's probably decision-based issues which can only be addressed via coaching.


I have thousands of games of experience. I will give you the knowledge and reasoning behind these concepts or anything else you have questions about. I will also make sure that you understand all of these concepts and are able to make proper decisions based on your knowledge. 

90% of climbing the ladder is being able to make the right decisions!

After you understand the theory of the game, we will move on to...

2. Application

  • Replay analysis (Please have a replay you would like to review ready--use Baronreplays to record, as it's much better than LOLrecorder)
  • Duoing
  • 1v1s

This is where I get to observe your gameplay to see how you are applying your knowledge and identify areas requiring improvement.

Typical lesson:

There is none. Lessons will be customized to your specific needs. If you have a good understanding of the game, we can address any questions you have and move straight on to application, targeting any issues found in your gameplays.

If you have no idea what to in certain parts of the game(itemizing vs opponents, when to roam, how to secure objectives) we will deal with that.

You will see immediate improvement after our lessons. 


Guides I have completed or am working on: 


Fiddlesticks: Over 15,000 words/videos/pictures on a very complicated Champ. This guide is pretty much the culmination of all 1300+ of my games with him. Custom-made visuals are included to better demonstrate how to harness the potential of this Champ. There's easily 5 or 6 hours worth of quality coaching content in there.

Xin Zhao: Roughly 7,500 words/videos/pictures on this dominant early-game bruiser. Lots of insightful, high-quality information that helps you understand Xin completely and use him effectively. Good for people who want a high-damage and high-sustain bruiser capable of blowing up people in seconds.

Warwick: Roughly 9,000 words. Includes helpful pictures and videos used to reinforce jungle concepts and demonstrate efficient play. In-depth analysis of the most effective ways to build and play this late-game juggernaut. Also includes commentated gameplay showing and explaining how I play Warwick!

Udyr: A little over 8000 words. Explains the absolutely best way to play Udyr. You think Trick is good? You're wrong. This will show you how to truly harness the power of Udyr. In-depth analysis of how to get the most out of Udyr and dominate every aspect of the game. Includes my own commentated gameplay demonstrating and explaining how I play Udyr.

Jax: Over 9000 words! Has very helpful videos showcasing the proper way to use Jax's kit. In-depth theorycrafting and multiple hours of coaching material will allow you to understand all the intricacies of this late-game powerhouse. Also has my own commentated gameplay in order to help you fully master this champion!

Vi: Over 10,000 words. Contains a lot of analysis on the best ways to play Vi and is extremely comprehensive. Lots of videos, gifs, and charts/maps how to utilize your abilities well. Not only does it go over the best ways to play her, but it also explains why, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of not only Vi, but League of Legends as a whole, improving you as a player overall. Also teaches you how to crush games with Vi :D

Amumu: Roughly 12,000 words. Amumu is a very versatile champion and I go into extremely great depth on different ways to utilize him. You'll learn to be a flexible, adaptive yordle ready for anything. Lots of maps depicting how to establish map control, exert pressure, and stay safe. Essentially, I'll give you all the information, knowledge, and insight you need to play Amumu, one of the best junglers, at the highest level.

Rammus: About 15,000 wrods. Watch the preview video. Covers absolutely everything there is to know about this champion, and jungling in general. Extremely in-depth in absolutely every regard, including playstyle, runes/materies, build paths, and much more. You will gain a complete understanding of Rammus and become a much better jungler.

Shyvana: in progress

Nocture: in progress


Twitch: Well over 11k words. Has lots of videos and information to help you master this late-game hypercarry and crush teamfights. Extremely in-depth guide and covers literally everything there is to know about Twitch. Has information about lots of cool tricks to do with his abilities and how to harness his hidden potential!

Mid Lane

Karthus in progress

If you'd like me to do a guide on a champion I haven't already done, message one of the admins and tell them to pass me your request--I'll work on it as soon I can.


Coming in just under a whopping 15k words, this guide has everything you need to master Kayle in multiple positions. Completely covers how to play Kayle in top, mid, and the jungle. Goes extremely in-depth on the playstyle and approach to each position, how to itemize, and utilizing Kayle in any situation. Also has a little over ~100 matchups so you're prepared in any situation. Lots of videos and pictures to show you how utilize Kayle properly.



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