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Customer Reviews

excellent coach, friendly, very informative, and patient

By Michael Smith Jr

Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable guy.I definitely learned alot playing with him and really enjoyed the learning process also.

By Alexandra Russell

best coach EUW

By Andrea Alocci

V is very experienced. He gives constructive feedback on your play-style and provides insights that you cannot find anywhere else. 100% going for more coaching time.

By Abdullah Ballool

Very nice and funny person, a lot of knowledge very pleased

By Tim IDK

awesome knowledgeable coach. totally worth!

By Ben G

He is a nice coach. Taught me a lot.

By Anthony IDK

V is a nice guy and has helped me a lot over my 5+ hours of coaching with him. I recommend him to anyone that needs help overall in league of legends.

By Anthony IDK

V star, very informative, extremely good coach, i would recommend V to all skill levels !

By Randall Henderson

Very kind and understanding, I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve and become a better player.

By Water Bottle

he is the best coach

By mehmet ali alp

Was very friendly and was quick to notice my mistakes and help me improve on them

By Austin Manansala

Yet again another great lesson, very informative, general knowledge and great explaining. A+

By Chris Duddy

Everything worked out great! As said before, he's awesome :)

By Kriss Solberg

Great Mentor indeed

By Edgar Alvarez

Great guy, funny and he know what he is talking about!

By Kriss Solberg

Good to learn with him and very funny guy !

By Mehdi Menasria

10/10. The guy is very nice, he's professional and he knows exactly what he's talking about. I learned a lot with the 4 hours that I bought even though I'm already playing at high diamond elo and I'm sure that anybody lower would have benefited even more. He gave me an hour for free which I wasn't entitled too since he didn't have it in his profile, <3.

By Stephen Ellis

if you are searching for a coach this is where you need to stop searching and click buy. got from silver 5 to silver 1 in 2 days with only 1 lose. thank you v!

By H N

best coach ever was very helpful will be getting more coaching soon :D also very funny

By jason sargent

Good coach, very funny person and u learn alot from him. #wurf

By William Torsvik

good guy, good lesson ty.

By Nika Toronjadze

nice phnake :3 loollolo

By Robert Plant

Recommonded knows alot about league really friendly would do it again sometime

By Jack Chen

Really nice funny guy, very warming and doesn't judge on your skill.

By Jordan Oliver

Great guy! I only bought one hour first just to try it out, and I WILL buy more from V for sure. We did one game and went trough a few comps, tricks, tactics, runes and masteries. I would advice people to get at least 4-5, as this would give your coach some time to get to know your strenght and what you need to work more with. I can promise that either you are bronze or high plat, you will learn alot from this guy.

By Markus Valberg Lexberg

Friendly, and really knows his stuff. Knows everything about mechanics, positioning, etc etc. Very good coach.

By Chris Duddy

Very kind and experienced coach!

By Edmund Kocsis

Great coach and interesting sense of humor, will definitely buy another lesson.

By Ben G

Very skilled player and coach, as well. Makes it clear what you need to improve on and has a very good analytic vantage point in all scenarios. Explains every thing in a thorough fashion

By Brandon Lupardo

V is the best coach ever. He supported me while I go adc. He helps me learning how to control lane phase. I strongly recommand u guys to go for him. TOP CLASS Coaching

By Aaron Ng

Great coach helps you alot and comments over everything

By Jabr AlRasheed

apart from great knowledge received, FREACKIN' FUN TO PLAY WITH V \o/

By Robert Plant

Helped me to clear out many things I wasn't sure about. Definitely gonna be more confident for my future games. Nice and very friendly coach. Thank you :)

By toru weber

I really enjoyed my sessions with V he has definitely helped me with my clime to higher level of game play and i will most probably be coming back for more from this guy! I recommend him 10/10

By christopher handley

Really friendly guy, with a huge understanding for the game. Will deffinetly ask him for more help if needed :)

By Geir Kvisvik

Very good knowledge about the game. Very good at explaining and is very comprehensible!

By Daniel Schnepf

He was a good coach. help explain a lot of question i asked and also made a few jokes here and there. was a good experience in learning

By Benjamin Renwick-Russell

really good coach told me allot i did not no and , also helped me with the game tactics which i wanted to learn more thanks

By Enerjiiz Enerjiiz

V's coaching was extremely good, he got straight to the point with tips & information. He is very knowledgeable, and quick to pick up on my mistakes. 10/10 would definitely recommend his coaching.

By Bryce Daffron

Very friendly, had a lot of advice to offer and very knowledgeable

By DeAnna Shanks

a good coach who analyses his students, knows the game every well and works on your weaknesses, he also answers every question to the best of his abilities and with confidence.

By Darin Reis

Great guy, really enjoyed the lesson. Found some things to pick up on and some tips on what to practice

By Blair Hopkins

Brilliant coach, I am new to the game and was looking to improve my skills quickly and now I am heading in the right direction thanks to V

By Matt Farhnam

Best coach ever he teached me a lot of thinks :)

By mehmet ali alp

the guy was A1 started form the basics. taught me the basics. and created a perfect lead up to my next lesson! easy to follow and EXTREMELY friendly! Highly recommended

By keith touhey

Duo'd some games with him whilst communicating on Skype. Was professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

By Benjamin Lievens

was good

By paul tran

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