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Customer Reviews

Another 2 very succesful lessons, great teacher recommended!

By Jonas Baum

fantastic as always, informative and thorough

By james murphy

Just wow! You might think that you know this game but, trust me with this, you don't ;) I always believed that i already thought a lot while playing but he just proved me wrong. Recommended! Great knowledge of the game, good teacher :)

By Jonas Baum

Nice coach :) definitely learnt a lot and had tons of fun^^

By Anders Modin

Really great coaching. In-depth explainations, not only "do this and do that" but also why. Very good at pointing out flaws, but also at pointing out good attributes and potential. Highly recommended!

By Mike Møller

Fantastic coach, very vocal and friendly, lots of encouragement but great game knowledge and criticism. Much enjoyed, will purchase more!

By james murphy

If you want to learn something about the game and climb elo and also have a good time while doing it this is the guy you want no doubt!

By Johan Sundström

Really nice coach and friendly and learned , allot about the game that i did not no thanks

By Enerjiiz Enerjiiz

Great coach, taught me mechanics and how to play in lane. Gave me a lot of useful advices what to think about in lane, what you should do while loosing/winning lane etc. All in all very happy with my purchase =)

By Gustaf Liedholm

Fantastic as always :) more hours to come :)

By james murphy

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