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Hello, my name is RafaƂ. I am a 22 years old Challenger player with 1150 points, a student who loves his girlfriend.

Skype adress: exottz


I am working as analyst/coach since 2012, before it became trendy.

I have been a part of some big brands like FnaticAlternate and Cloud9.EU where I spended a really memorable time. My job was not just building tactics for these teams, but also having conversations with each player individually. These conversations were mostly about the hunger for victory, giving everything when they had to train for big tournaments and after losing a tournament they had clenched teeth but after the loss they trained further to finally win their desired trophy.

I coach players for every kind of champion or role, from bronze to diamond.


For new people i would recommend to start with 2-3 hours coaching that way i can explain everything what u need! 


My coaching is based on primary in-game skills including game mechanics and decision making, but also on very detailed things like: pressuring lanes, counting the enemy cooldowns, timing, tradings, baitings, anticipate the intentions of the enemy, laning and fighting inside the fog of war. "


I can teach you both agressive and defensive playstyles. I will rate your skills and playstyle, together we will find proper champions and tactics which will complement your in-game skills and champion pool. Trust me in that, if you're not able to adept your playstyle depending on the game situation, you will never be a valued player. Example: Playing 1v2 is not a easy task, you have to constantly watch your enemies and play passive. Even in a 1v2 i will teach you how to adept, now the question is why do we have to learn how to play 1v2?Well in high elo they sometimes swap because they got counter picked.

 Here is some information about my current state in ranked soloq!

Naturally I will answer all your questions, you may keep me in your skype contacts list and ask me further questions whenever you want. I am looking forward to get in touch and play with you.

 My skype is "exottz"

Together we will take your game to the next level!


Typical Lesson Plan


Lessons will be customized to your specific needs, but i will always have something prepared for you when you have no idea what to work on! Together we will find a way to climb the ladder and reach ur goal!



1). Theoritical part – conversation (interview).

I would like to know everything about you.

What motivates you to play league of legends, if your having bad games why did u still continue putting time in the game. Besides psychology, i will also ask you about your champion pool, laning preferences, how you behave in game, etc.

If you know your strengths and weaknesses it would be great to know as that will safe some time! If you dont see any mistakes in ur gameplay dont worry about it, i will analyse ur games and pick out all your mistakes!

Beginning converstion takes 10-15 minutes and gives me huge amount of informations about you. This conversation will help me alot to know your mentality ingame. While coaching you i want you to play as in i am not there so i can see ur mistakes and work on them, dont hold urself for me because that way i wont be able to see your true mistakes.

2). Practical part

I made one general numeration because everything is kinda linked to each other, each role has some specific points we can work on but that will be explained in coaching itself. Still this numeration will give you a idea what to expect while taking me as your coach.

General numeration:

  • When and how you should farm, 1v1 and 2v2 trading strategies.
  • Best and worst moments to engage.
  • Proper positioning, decision making, selecting right target to attack.
  • Runes, masteries, builds, skill orders for each role and champions depending on situation in the game and enemy team comp.
  • I will learn you how to properly use your spells and show you that some spells should not be used in fights unless there is life danger.
  • Discussion about your favorite champions and champions that should/should not be used in ranked to gain elo, also we will talk about counter picking and when you better take another champions.
  • I will teach you to hide that ur jungler will gank at any time (in low elo u see people playing passive and 5 seconds later they are aggresive. This is a sign that someone is close), freezing/pushing a lane and snowballing it.

Coaching includes also anticipating uncomfortable ganks from your oponents, i will point out from you're enemy behavior when the gank will happen.

  • Advanced harassment: Zoning, Kiting, Debuffing and calculated Poking without losing HP.
  • We will work on your technical skills (mechanics), game knowledge and mentality, flaming and any kind of toxicity.
  • Team leader abilities: shotcalling, making team-comps.
  • We will work on your jungling/ganking skills, improving your defensive or aggresive playstyle, helping your team by putting perfect wards.
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